Time to Shop

I rarely have time to myself, let alone time to shop! A few weeks ago I was able to get some new clothes to make this mom bod feel good. I am not back to pre-baby weight (insert eye roll) and I was really trying to hold off buying new clothes until I was at a point I felt good in my own skin.  I know what you are thinking…the girls are over a year!!! Yes, I held out for a year to buy new things. Did I mention I’m a cheapass??

These were my favorite things from my shopping spree.  Check out the links below:

I have been on the search for reddish/maroon pants for almost 2 years. I found the perfect pair at Kohls. Lauren Conrad has the BEST jeggings. They fit and feel amazing.


The next three links are from Old Navy.  The material of the tank and t-shirt are so comfortable.  The way they hang on my body makes me feel great! I got the t-shirt in white and the tank in black.



These shoes are so comfy and cheap. I wear them all the time…even all day teaching! (Currently out of stock)