Instant Pot Love


Photo provided by Amazon

I purchased one of these for myself… for no reason other than I simply wanted one.  I must admit that I had buyers remorse at first- spending over a hundred dollars on yet another kitchen gadget. The remorse didn’t last long.  This beauty is magical.

I was prompted to purchase one when my large crockpot bit the dust last month.  I had seen all of these posts on Pinterest and the internet- so I started looking.  While it is more expensive than a crockpot, it functions as many tools in one. But do not be intimidated by all the buttons- it really is quite simple!

  1. Pressure Cooker:  I use this most often for a variety of reasons.  I often prepare ingredients for a slow cooked meal, but forget to actually do it.  I can get home from work and in 30 minutes or less, have dinner ready for my toddlers (they like a senior citizen special).  On top of this, I can “meal prep” without spending all day in the kitchen with a dozen dishes.
  2. Slow Cooker:  no explanation needed.
  3. Saute: This feature is what really makes me love an Instant Pot.  Often when preparing a crock pot meal, you must sauté or cook your meat beforehand.  To me, this defeats one major purpose of a slow cooker meal- ONE POT… No DISHES. Now, I can sauté my veggies or ground beef and then use the same pot to slow cook.  There is no skillet to wash down.  You truly have a one pot meal.

This link will take you to a list of several options, but I recommend purchasing the largest one.  You don’t have to fill it when you cook, but it is nice to have the space to say…roast a whole chicken:). (More on that later!).

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