The Zookeeper’s Wife: A Book Review

 This month’s pick for The Book Babes was Diane Ackerman’s book, The Zookeeper’s Wife. and I LOVED it.  I was fascinated with the true accounts of the Warsaw uprising, life in the ghetto and how Antonina and Jan sustained life at the zoo- I would say even made it so people could flourish and grow during a time of such oppression.  I’ve read many books (fiction and non-fiction) about WWII, and this was a facet I’ve yet to explore in-depth.

Using Antonina’s diary and other first hand accounts, Ackerman uses a narrative to retell events as they unfold- placing the reader among the sadness, chaos and even joy.  She also uses a textbook style to inform the reader other interesting information.  She flows back and forth between these two voices flawlessly.

I listened to the Audiobook, and I must say that the reader was second-to-none.  She is right up there with my all-time favorite reader Dan Stevens (reads Fall of Giants by Ken Follett..a book I’ve read once and listened to once).

I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a good story of triumph. Even WWII enthusiasts will have much to learn from this novel.

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