Downsizing your Double Stroller


When my girls were small, I had the Graco DuoGlide stroller.  It was given to my, so it was older than the one on sale now and my initial plan was to use It on Baby R’ Us trade in day to get a new double stroller.  However, before Z was born, I was trying to do laundry and entertain my 9 month old.  I was able to put S in the front and a laundry basket in the back. Many- that thing turned on a dime and rode like a dream.  Long story longer, I kept it and used it every day when Z was first born.  I would highly recommend this stroller to anyone with Irish twins like me.  The back seat lays completely flat  for babies and…. I could wedge my Chicco Click Connect car seat in there for an infant.  Click here for the newer version of this stroller.   

Fast forward to this summer and I’m tired of the Graco DuoGlide taking up space in my garage, car etc.  On top of this S is now 2.5 years old and doesn’t care to ride in the stroller- so why am I lugging around a giant stroller only to have a toddler throw a fit every time I put her in?  My sister came across an umbrella-style double stroller made by Delta (” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>linked here).   We took it to the zoo and it was awesome!  I ended up ordering the KolCraft version of her stroller by mistake, but I am ultimately happy with it.  Here is my analysis.


Samantha’s Delta stroller is inexpensive (65.00) and the sun shades are more convenient (they stay on when the stroller is folded up).  Also- BIG PLUS- it comes with storage space behind each seat.  You can also select different colors.

My KolCraft stroller was more expensive but the sun canopy offers much more coverage vs. normal umbrella strollers.  However, it doesn’t stay on that well when you fold it up, so you have to remember to pack it or keep it in your trunk.  (I’ve forgotten it several times).  Even though there isn’t any storage, but I already had these handy little storage bags for strollers/back of cars that I take with me anyway.  The main thing I love about this stroller is that the handles are up higher than normal umbrella strollers and the handle in the middle allows you to push one handed so you can sip your coffee etc..  The back cushions also fold up into a pillow to reveal a mesh back- keeping toddlers cool in the summer.   (Click here to order KolCraft umbrella double stroller).

The best thing about either of these strollers is that they fit through doorways and take up a fraction of the space as your full-sized stroller.

Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t take this jogging or anything and it won’t ride like the cadillac stroller that Danyelle has, but for daily use and convenience.


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