One Pot Pasta: Weeknight Lifesaver


I haven’t been to the grocery in just about two weeks, so I came up with this on a whim… and using whatever I had on hand.  This meal was ONE pot – didn’t even have to drain the pasta- and everyone ate it to the last bite!


  • Pasta (I used whole wheat rotini)
  • chicken stock (I eyeballed it and barley covered the pasta.. I would say 2 cups)
  • one can of diced tomatoes (could have used 2)
  • frozen meatballs (however much you want)
  • Italian seasoning (I used Wildtree’s Hearty Spaghetti Blend)
  • salt and pepper
  • mozzarella cheese

I threw everything in my Rachel Ray skillet with the lid.  I left the heat at medium and went about my business (watching HGTV/playing with the girls….) roughly 15 minutes later- viola.  I went from being a neglectful parent- too lazy to go to the grocery- to an accomplished home chef!

Picture coming soon! I forgot to take my own picture, but I will definitely be making this again.

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